Button Blast!

Button Blast was a Match 2 Puzzle game, in a similar vein like Toy Blast from Peak Games.
Development : Apr 2017 -  Nov 2017
My contributions were:
  System Design - Level Block Generation System
  Feature Design - Level Blockers, Boosts

  UI Design - Pre & Post Level Screens
  Solver - together with a programmer we developed a utility, that learned to play our levels and output a bell curve of moves needed to finish level.

Fable Clinic

Fable Clinic was a Connect 3 Puzzle game, heavily inspired by Best Fiends, a game from Seriously.
Development: Jan 2016 - Mar 2017.
This was my first Designer experience. My contributions to this game were:
  Level Design - All levels created are by me
  Game Balance - Difficulty setup of levels, drop chances, Damage system, Upgrade system
  System Design - Doctor upgrade system, Boosts upgrade system, Level cell generation system