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Gameplay Videos

Youtube videos of older versions of the game.

About the Game

What the Mafia: Turf Wars! is a 2D Gacha based Hero collecting game, where you build your gangster family, recruit new gang members, level them up, give them gear and take over the City of Rock Port.
The game was in development from Nov 2018 to Jan 2020, when it was put on hold due to insufficient work force.
As the only designer on the project i was responsible for almost all aspects of the game.

System Design

From the system side of the game i designed the Gacha system, Battle system, Hero Leveling, Rank Up & Initiation system, Unit Stat system, Gear generation & leveling, and some other smaller systems.

Content Design

I designed around 300 units in the game (and some are unavailable or hidden), with 274 abilities between them. As a part of the unit design we had a design goal of creating several dream teams that would dominate certain game modes. I also designed 164 Missions, all Daily, Weekly & Monthly Goals, some of the Achievements and a big portion of Consumables.

Game Balance

The last large part of the game, that i was part of, was Balancing. Sadly we did not have any tool, that would match up units randomly and give us some sort of power ranking, so i had to do a lot of play testing and creating a mathematical model, that gives different stats and different battle effects a certain weight and through that scores a unit. It was not perfect, but in a hero collecting game we did not want perfect.

Game Design Documents